Center for autism Rijeka

The education and rehabilitation of our attendees are conducted with expert knowledge by a team of 20 highly educated professionals.


The education and rehabilitation of our attendees are conducted with expert knowledge and confirmed methods of working with persons on the autism spectrum by a team of 20 highly educated professionals, with different professional profiles comprised of educational rehabilitators, speech therapists, psychologists, social educators, kinesiologists, art and music therapists, religious teachers, as well as 4 nurses/medical technicians.

The Center for autism Rijeka is equipped with contemporary didactic materials and sensory-motoric devices, has a sensory room, a room for relaxation, as well as a sensory park. In cooperation with the Agency for Upbringing and Education, the Center formed a Mobile team of experts to support the educators, expert associates and parents of students on the autism spectrum who attend regular preschool institutions and schools.



Centar za autizam Rijeka

The way in which we transmit and present contents to students, how we give them instructions, set up tasks, and which means and forms of work we utilize are all important.

Centar za autizam Rijeka - Kreativna terapija

The aim is to develop the whole personality through art: to improve communication, attention, patience, work ability, to develop esthetic emotion and creativity.

Centar za autizam Rijeka - Muzikoterapija

Through the use of music in the therapeutic process we act upon the development and improvement of social, communication, cognitive, sensory-motoric, physical and mental functions of the client.

Centar za autizam Rijeka - Govorno jezična terapija

The child’s sensory needs are monitored, various techniques are employed with the aim to develop and improve the student’s abilities to communicate.

Centar za autizam Rijeka - Mobilni stručni tim

The mobile team of experts visits care and education institutions and educates the institution’s staff members, offers support to parents and offers professional aid.

Centar za autizam Rijeka - Radionica drva

The fundamental goals of the workshop are to bring the workplace closer to the participants, to develop work habits and to enable the participants to carry out certain workplace tasks.