Early intervention

Centar za autizam Rijeka

Why early intervention?

In the early years there’s a unique possibility to influence the child’s development with long-term effects. By participating in programs of early intervention children with development disorders have access to timely and appropriate educative-rehabilitative,

psychological and language-speech support that aim to facilitate the adoption of skills and behaviors typical for the wider population, along with quality inclusion in preschool education programs or inclusion into the wider social community.

By organizing an early intervention system for the child and the family, the dependency of the child and the family on social and pension rights, as well as on institutions that provide them, is reduced.

Who carries out the program of early intervention?

The Association for the care of autistic persons Rijeka

ince 2008 have been carrying out the project and program “Early intervention in children with pervasive developmental disorder through the mobile service system in the local community” approved and financed by

the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy (the 2020/2023 program is in progress). Program activities are realized by experts/employees of the Rijeka Autism Center, the Rijeka Kindergarten and the Rijeka Social Care Center in cooperation with KBC Kantrida. 

Between 2008 and today, more than 800 families with children with a suspicion of or already diagnosed disorder from the austic spectrum up to the age of four have passed through the program’s activities from the area of the City of Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Istria and Ličko-Senj counties.

Contact person:

Ivanka Pejić

MSc specializing in early intervention in educational rehabilitation
Sensory-integration pedagogue (GSID)
ECP Psychotherapist

mob. 091 574 88 02
e- mail: ivanka.pejic@corp.hr