Dance and movement therapy

Dance and movement therapy

Dance and movement therapy is part of one of the three creative therapies (along with Art therapy and Music therapy) that are conducted at our Center. It is done by a therapist, who is also a certified dance and movement psychotherapist.

Dance and movement therapy used in working with children with ASD  is very suitable for raising self-esteem, strengthening self-respect, improving one’s own body image and developing self-consciousness, lowering anxiety, better stress coping, as well as improving social

interactions and communication skills.

At times, children and youth/students with ASD do not develop clear verbal speech, however they have unique “speech through movement”, so non-verbal communication could be an efficient way for them to make contact with themselves and the people around them.

Communication through movement helps the child be more aware of itself, as well as to enter into certain interaction with the therapist and other children in their surroundings.

Through the use of various techniques used in dance and movement therapy, the therapist, together with the child, works on developing mutual trust.

The changes that occur in the field of movement can affect the person’s whole functioning and can consequently widen the child’s repertoire of movements, giving the child the possibility to grow and advance, while offering a wider span of skills that the child can use to understand and communicate with his surroundings. It is important to note that this work is process oriented and not necessarily result oriented.