Children and youth with autism spectrum disorder have a series of difficulties that need to be taken into consideration during the program and in choosing appropriate program content that will have a positive impact and contribute to making their psychosocial development as successful as possible

(individualized approach with regards to level of abilities, difficulties and contraindicated activities, especially in relation to epilepsy). Due to the impaired integrative and interpretive information processing functions in the central nerve system, emotion-communication and other development difficulties in the motoric

upbringing of children and youth with autism spectrum disorder, rehabilitation tasks are compiled and need to be achieved in the fields of: Psych-motor skills, physical and health education and kinesiotherapy, as well as indirectly in other upbringing-education and rehabilitation fields of work.

Kinesiotherapy program goals:
  1. account in part for the psychosocial needs of children with autism spectrum disorder
  2. guard and advance the health of children with autism spectrum disorder
  3. encourage the adoption of basic motoric knowledge, skills and habits
  4. encourage the will to move and encourage oriented activity
  5. increase capabilities of adapting, accepting work, leaders and other students
  6. keep reducing and removing undesirable behavior and the accompanied development difficulties
    that children with autism spectrum disorder show in exercising, moving and adopting new content

Within the scope of the kinesiotherapy program various locations are used to conduct: therapeutic horseback riding in cooperation with the “Pegaz” association from Rijeka, is held even twice weekly in their ample areas where there is space for horses and riding and a big outdoors area with orderly playgrounds and surroundings, then there is also therapeutic swimming which is conducted three times weekly at the Kantrida pools, in two pools belonging

to the entire complex. Physical and health education lessons are held in the areas of the Sport and Recreational center Susak and the Sport Recreation center Belveder that, much like horseback riding and swimming, are held in groups, while the individual group process is held within the Center in the interior or exterior areas. There is an intention to fix and reconstruct the exterior playground, which would allow for staying within the Center and in that way ease accessibility to engagement in physical activity in a

greater number of hours. In accordance with the leaders of the groups and with agreeable weather conditions, hiking rounds are organized in the vicinity of the city of Rijeka. Aside from group work, single appointments are anticipated for individual work with children, which greatly aids with interaction itself, adopting individual motoric patterns, reducing undesirable behavior, as well as correcting and strengthening musculature.