Snoezelen or the relaxation room

Center for autism

Snoezelen or the relaxation room

Snoezelen or controlled multisensory environment is a form of therapy for people with autism spectrum disorder or with developmental disabilities.

It is carried out by introducing a person to a soothing and stimulating environment consisting of various light effects, colors, sounds, music, smells.

 Snoezelen was developed from the idea that people with autism spectrum disorders have a limited ability to organize and understand

stimuli from the environment, so when they are exposed to chaotic and stressful situations – they are overloaded.

Snoezelen is used for the purpose of relaxation, elimination of undesirable forms of behavior (aggressive or auto-aggressive, perceptive stimulation and integration, and as an additional auxiliary didactic method of learning).

Users involved in snoezelen treatments achieve better results in the goals determined by the individual plan and

program, and positive changes in behavior and social interaction have also been observed.

The users of the project are the students of the Center for Autism Rijeka, as well as users of the services of the Early Intervention program and the program “Blue School tailored to the child”, which takes place in the area of Center for Autism Rijeka. We currently have 60 users between the ages of 2 and 21.