Snoezelen or the relaxation room

Center for autism

Snoezelen or the relaxation room

Snoezelen, or a controlled multisensory environment, is a therapy for persons with autism or development difficulties. It is carried out by bringing the person into a calming and stimulating environment that is made up of various light effects, colors, sounds, music and smells.

Snoezelen developed from the idea that persons with disabilities (autism) have a poor ability of arranging and

understanding stimuli from their surroundings, and are, therefore, exposed to chaotic and stressful situations-they are overwhelmed.

Snoezelen is used for the purpose of relaxation, the elimination of undesirable patterns of behavior (aggressive or aggressive towards oneself), as well as for perceptual stimulation and integration as an additional, aiding didactic learning method. Users involved with snoezelen treatments

show better results in attaining the goals set by individual plans and programs, as well as positive changes in behavior and social interaction.

Current beneficiaries of the plan are all those under the care of the Center for autism Rijeka, as well as beneficiaries of the services of Early intervention, which takes place in the CFA Rijeka. At the moment the project counts 80 users between the ages of 0 and 21.